Sea Gyro for Ships and Boats

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Sea Gyro's History
The company Sea Gyro was formed in 2004 as a result of IP development at Curtin University of Technology in Australia and a collection of private companies and investors. Included in the initial group was CMST ( ), Sun Yachts and Dr. K. Klaka.
The first protyping was achieved using models and full scale testing on an 18m vessel.
This was followed by limited production of gyros in Australia. Later a larger facility was established in Malaysia to meet the increasing demand for stabilising equipment and to reduce the cost of production.
Today Sea Gyro is a leader in the production of gyroscopic roll reduction equipment for boats.
Sea Gyro currently produces the largest gyroscopic stabilisers commercially available, and suitable for vessel up to 1000 tons. Custom stabilisers can be constructed for larger vessels or for specialised sea craft.


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