Sea Gyro for Ships and Boats

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Sea Gyro

Advantages of a Sea Gyro roll stabilizer.

1. No external appendages (less drag). Sea Gyro requires no salt water cooling
2. The stabilizer is not prone to damage by floating debris or grounding.
3. The roll reduction of the boat is constant at all vessel speed including whilst at anchor.
4. Improved roll control in extreme weather conditions, as the roll reduction is not a function of forward speed.
5. Equipment can be located in any part of the vessel, and may replace trim ballast.
6. Installation of the Sea Gyro increases the vessel’s displacement by only a small percentage.
7. Lower cost than any other stability equipment of similar performance
8. Low power consumption- lower than fin stabilizer or any other gyro stabilizer available
9. Low noise – similar to an air-conditioner

Sea Gyro Pty. Ltd. (Australia)

Improved safety and work environment
Reduced incidence of sea sickness
Better social conditionsIdeal for “At Anchor” usage and underway.
Safer for swimmers because there are no external devices
Low cost in buying, installing and running

Sea Gyro Apologises
Due to current demands for our equipment there is a delivery time of 6 months on most gyros. It is hoped that a new factory and support from our suppliers will reduce this backlog in 2015.

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